These proposals are for a well-designed, well-connected and highly sustainable expansion for Brackley.

They are being brought forward by Ashfield Land and Vulpes Land, working together in partnership.

The intention is to submit an outline planning application to South Northamptonshire Council which sets out the basis for the site’s development. This will include an indicative masterplan and also seek detailed permission for two specific access points, the main one being a new arm connecting into the A422 roundabout immediately to the south east of the site (see more in ‘Getting there & access’).

Subject to securing outline planning permission, a further application or applications for detailed planning permission would follow at a later date.

Ashfield Land and Vulpes Land have entered into an agreement with Davidsons Homes, a high-quality housebuilder, to help design and ultimately construct the new homes (see more in ‘Homes’).

The ambition for the site is to create an attractive mix of well-designed new homes within a thoughtfully set out masterplan which ensures excellent accessibility and connectivity as well as high quality green space.


  • Brackley is growing – the best way to ensure good quality growth that supports the town as a whole is through strategic sites and this land at Brackley West is the best connected and most logical site for the next phase of the town’s growth.
  • This site is the closest to the town centre – to help the town to be successful, new homes should be where people can connect easily into the town centre, use it and contribute to its community and economy.
  • Planning at a strategic scale means you can design better and get a good mix of facilities and infrastructure as part of the development – this site will provide new green space, new footpaths and cyclepaths, new allotments, landscaping and a wide range of physical assets of which the new link road is a crucial component, enabling better connectivity and keeping traffic off existing local roads. The development would also make financial contributions (through Section 106 payments) for the benefit of the town. This money can be used to fund investment/expansion for local schools, for example.
  • Brackley has an opportunity to tap into the investment and momentum that is coming with the Oxford-Cambridge Arc initiative – this is about making communities across the Arc more productive, successful and sustainable. Planning for this type of growth could help the town to contribute to and benefit from the Arc initiative.

Key documents and downloads

Click here to download documents and information:

  • Vision Document (Oct 2019) download
  • Environmental Scoping Request
    (Dec 2020) download
  • Scheme Leaflet (Feb 2021) download
  • Consultation Advert (Feb 2021) download
  • Spring 2022 update on the application download

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