Brackley is growing and this site (‘Land west of Brackley’) provides the next logical expansion for the town.

It’s an opportunity to plan approximately 700 new homes in a well-connected, sensible and highly sustainable location.

Our proposals would stitch the new development back into the town, connecting it with the town’s existing built area and, importantly, having a specific new road access onto the A422 making it simple to get to and from the site and avoiding putting pressure on smaller local roads.

This proposed development can provide the mix of new homes that Brackley needs coupled with strong design principles and investment into community facilities and infrastructure.

You can find out more about the proposals on this website.

Please explore these pages and the documents available to download (see right hand side bar).

The planning application is now registered

Having completed our pre-application public consultation earlier this year, we submitted our planning application to South Northamptonshire Council (now West Northamptonshire Council).

The application has (29 April 2021) been registered and validated by the Council.

Further information relating to the application can now be found on the Council’s website at: http://snc.planning-register.co.uk/plandisp.aspx?recno=110308

The application number is: WNS/2021/0492/EIA

See our Spring 2022 update in the ‘key documents and downloads' box (right)

Key documents and downloads

Click here to download documents and information:

  • Vision Document (Oct 2019) download
  • Environmental Scoping Request
    (Dec 2020) download
  • Scheme Leaflet (Feb 2021) download
  • Consultation Advert (Feb 2021) download
  • Spring 2022 update on the application download

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