Our designs include comprehensive new landscaping and close attention to how the proposed development can sit within the existing landscape.

At the heart of the proposals is a ‘green spine’ which threads through the site and includes a number of green corridors. This network of corridors stemming out from and connecting to the central spine helps to achieve a strong balance between built form and the natural landscape.

It’s what we call ‘green infrastructure’ and it’s integral to the design approach.

New planting and habitat creation form an important part of the overall landscape strategy and will assist in providing a measurable net gain in biodiversity across the site.

High-quality, sustainable development has always put a premium on landscaping. The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced that even more, with increasing numbers of people looking for open spaces to enjoy and outdoor areas for leisure and recreation.

A new area for allotments is proposed to the north of the site. Public open space and a kickabout area form part of the overall vision.

The trim trail proposed provides a structured and attractive route for walking, dog walking and exercise.

Ahead of preparing the planning application, we submitted an Environmental Scoping request to South Northamptonshire Council which helps to identify the key environmental matters that will be considered in the planning application documentation. You can read more on that in the ‘Key documents’ section.

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Hedgerows and features across the site will be retained within the development as far as possible Click image to enlarge Pinch to zoom

Key documents and downloads

Click here to download documents and information:

  • Vision Document (Oct 2019) download
  • Environmental Scoping Request
    (Dec 2020) download
  • Scheme Leaflet (Feb 2021) download
  • Consultation Advert (Feb 2021) download
  • Spring 2022 update on the application download

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